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    Now that the dust has settled and the Obstacle Course Race is finished I'm in the grind of day to day life.  Three kids are feeling like twenty in moments partly because the moment I have a system figured out..poof…they change.  Just like that, and suddenly all my tricks of the daddy trade are worthless.  While I'm developing new tricks the show must go on.  The dinner must be made, the kids need to be kept alive, the diaper must be changed, their souls must be nourished and supported….easy right?  Then there's the horses, farm animals, gardens, building the hoop house before fall, securing 4 cords of wood before fall, my Structural Therapy practice, my wife's work….It's very easy to say I don't have time.  I don't have time to walk several miles, I don't have time to do restorative exercise, I don't have time to be good and true to my body.  But just as the dust of one obstacle course race is settling the new obstacle course becomes apparent.  The obstacle course that is everywhere all of the time.
    For example, the garlic needs to be harvested.  I have the three kids and very little time this morning before I have to get out the door.  Have you ever tried to get out the door in time with kids?  If you haven't you should watch this so you can share in the laugh…

In the past I might give up at the sight of such an obstacle and wait until I had more time.  The thing is, there's never enough time.  Now is the time.  This calls for a good old Jedi mind trick….  This is not a chore, this is not a chore,  this is….presto... an opportunity.
   What I did was bring the kids scattered energy out to the garden.  I gave the oldest the job of shooting pictures and the younger two a mixture of made up dirt digging jobs and some real tasks.  I used the garlic harvesting as an opportunity to explore alignment
….the difference between the hunched shape of someone stressed out in a time crunch




















and someone harvesting good alignment as well as garlic.  Good alignment meaning untucking my butt, lowering my rib cage, keeping my lower leg vertical…












It peeked the kids curiosity.  Now I had the the two oldest harvesting with me.














The garlic was harvested in no time.  Truth be told, I could harvest the garlic solo faster.  I'm not solo, though, and if you add up the inevitable interruptions that would have happened if I was trying to keep them occupied with something else while I harvested it might not have been faster.  They also wouldn't have gotten the joy of pulling such bounty up from the ground.























Getting out the door in time…well that wasn't quite as smooth.

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