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Stop Watch

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    Ready, Set, Go…The stopwatch of healthy activity starts at the beginning of our “workout” and ends when we leave the gym, end our run, or finish our class and get into our car and drive home or to work.  That moment, however, when our “workout” is finished and the stopwatch of our healthy activity stops means nothing to our body.   It never stops.  It is always going.  It is always taking note.  It is constantly adapting to the messages we give it.  We have come to assume that adaptation is good.  Understandably.   It’s a wonderful feature of our body.  It responds to the way we are using or not using our musculature and sends materials to the most used areas.  It’s a wonderfully efficient system.  If we are walking and moving to procure our food all day this system is excellent.  If, however, we are sitting all day we adapt to that.  This is still adaptation but not such a good outcome.  The take away….not all adaptation is good.
    It’s a numbers game, really.  If we have one hour of moving and 8 hours of more or less not moving the materials are appropriated to the not moving form.  No amount of intensity in your workout can fix this.  In fact, a more intense workout sandwiched between sedentary lifestyle can lead to injury and heart disease.
Think of it this way, if you invested that same amount in a business could you expect it to grow?  If you invested one hour a day in your business it wouldn’t survive.  Why do we expect one hour a day to be enough for our bodies?
I’m not proposing that we “workout” all day.  In fact, the concept of a workout arose in response to a sedentary lifestyle.  The “workout” is a contrived effort to battle the ills that accompany not moving.  What I’m suggesting instead is moving throughout the day in more natural even keeled ways.  Walking is the easiest and most available form of this that I can think of but there are plenty of other opportunities to move.  Carry your grocery bags instead of carting them to the car.  Carry your baby instead of strolling them.  Garden.  Hang your laundry on lines to dry in the sun.  Sit on the floor and play with the kids.  Climb a tree.  
If you're not used to these things start slowly.   Work on just hanging before climbing an entire tree, carry a lighter bag of groceries for a shorter distance before hauling two heavy bags a long way… up gradually, seek bodywork, include stretching routines, and enjoy it.  Movement throughout the day will bring oxygen to your cells and get rid of toxins.  It will bring more blood to your brain and senses and bring life into your step.  
    Ready, Set, Move.


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