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Here Goes Nothing

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     Why write a blog?  Do we need another blog?  Aren't there enough already? 
    The same questions can be asked of books….why write another book?  Does the world need another book?
    It can be asked about music, plays, movies, etc..
    As much as a Shakespearean play will resonate for centuries with people it is also true that we crave something fresh, hot off the press.  There is nothing new under the sun and yet every moment is new, entirely unique. 
    Here goes nothing…nothing at all. 
    I am a dude, a father of three, a Structural Therapist, a farmer, an ex carpenter, a black sheep.  I am off the grid, my kids are off the charts,  my kids explode my mind and soul daily,  I am on a tangent, in a groove, out of the rut, I feel it in the gut, try to put it to words, come out with it pursed on my lips, stumble and knock the wind out of me, and it escapes as a grunt, something it wasn't meant to be.  Please bear with me.  I have a lot to learn.
    Recently I decided to begin training for an obstacle running race.  It's called the Bone Frog Challenge and it's happening just down the road from me at Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA.  I've never raced in anything like it.  I've been tempted by the tough mudder but tempted and doing it are two separate things.  I posted that I would be running the bone frog in order feel the pressure and commitment that comes with a public announcement.  Not easy.  After years of being on FB it's was my second status ever.  The first one being a cartoon where a kid asks his Grandfather…"tell me again about how you let your freak flag fly."  Drastically different posts.  I resist posting because I have too many sides.  Never the less, it worked.  I successfully committed myself to the race and began training. 
    How do I train?  These obstacle runs feel like a fairly new phenomenon.  In fact, the popularity of running feels new.  I remember being a freak in high school because I would run up to 20 miles.  I wasn't racing.  I was surviving.  It was the only sound way of finding the space I needed to grow.  I stopped running, though, for close to two decades.  Last year I began dabbling and now with the bone frog ahead I'm falling in step with a familiar rhythm.
    How do I train for the obstacles?  I need an upper body condition in dynamic equilibrium with my lower body.  I need to be able to overcome the unpredictable obstacle.  I want to run up to the obstacle, overcome it, and continue running again in a seamless manner. 
Hold on…dynamic equilibrium?  Back up, slow down, wait a second, just a minute.  What is that?  It's one thing to say something like that.  I can say it all I want and still never come near it.  Talk is cheap.  How do I actually achieve it?  Is there a website?  Is it for sale?  I think not.  I think, instead, it can only be achieved through a deep physical, mental, and spiritual integrity.  I will not be finding this in a bottle.  It won't be in a pill.  There is no particular formula.  There is work.  There is honest work.  Physical work that brings me to my knees, to my elbows, to my wrists, to my hands, to my feet, up into the trees, on to the mountain top, in the mud, in the swamp, through the fields, across the river, to my senses.   And there I will meet the mind and I will meet the soul.  There in the dirt I will have an opportunity.  Will I take it?

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