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My kids climb, jump, and swing on everyday things…. chairs, stairs, trees, rocks, railings, tables, dad.  The way they relate to furniture, buildings, people, nature, is downright creative.  Kids can see through walls, climb through holes, design elaborate worlds using space in an original way.
    We recently put up ropes and rings in our house.  My 5 year old daughter has built up strength and coordination at lightning speed.  Within a week or two she was climbing the rope 10ft up to the collar tie and swinging confidently.  Soon she was doing flips while holding the rings and swinging on the ropes upside down, lifting her whole body weight up to get her feet and legs in the rings and swinging with the grace of a trapeze artist.




She's now inventing movements with the two ropes that make it look easy and suggest she has the ability to fly.  She swings in circles holding the rope with one hand.  She swings from rope to rope like a monkey.  She's identified her left hand as the weaker one and is actively working on it.  All this without a single instruction. 


My 2 year old son was hanging from the ropes and rings after a week.  Within 2 weeks he was swinging and within a month it was full swings with his legs straight and higher than his head.

We just put the ropes and rings up.  They figured the rest out. 
    Child trainers aren't focused on reps, end goals, theory, or numbers.  They are consumed in play.  I mean consumed.  There is nothing else.  They play hard.  Within that play they adapt.  They figure it out.  They evolve.
    At first when I couldn't find a map of the Bone Frog Challenge and clear descriptions of the obstacles I was discouraged.  I didn't know how to train for something unknown.  After hanging with my kids on the ropes I went on a trail run.  The spontaneity must have been contagious because I found myself high up in a tree without having planned it.  And just like that… the unknown has become fun.   I've been taking their lead.
 My 3 month old son's training sessions are perhaps the most intense.

 His efforts at rolling, lifting his head, learning to cling when I hold him, and balance are more subtle and completely profound.  Not only do I infuse some of this into my warm up and stretching but he's challenging me to figure out alignment while holding a baby.  Then there are the moments of holding the baby, helping another kid, and cooking a meal all at the same time.  A domestic gym of sorts..

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