The Work

Restorative Exercise™

Restorative Exercise is the anatomy of aligned movement.   
Restorative Exercise is a superb system of regaining our natural movement.  This is achieved through specific exercises and the study of alignment.  Alignment is different than posture.  Posture can be cheated or mimicked.  Alignment, however, is true health.  It’s based on objective markers, hard won and well worth it.
It is health far beyond typical fitness.
Structural Therapy treatments and Restorative Exercise go hand in hand.  Essentially Restorative Exercise adds more tools to the tool box of exercise/stretches and deepens the language of biomechanics.



Restorative Exercise™ was developed by Katy Bowman, a biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, who has helped thousands reduce chronic pain, increase bone density, and improve metabolic health through movement and proper alignment. 

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