The Work


Structural Therapy is a deep and effective massage/bodywork that sets you straight toward your optimal condition.  
It works to bring your body back to it's full health, full range of movement, and natural resiliency.
  It revitalizes overused, misused, and underused areas of muscle and tendon restoring their natural resiliency and warmth.  Structural Therapy brings the soft back into soft tissue, the life back into movement, the strength back into muscle.  I also draw on Restorative Exercise™ to enable you to continue the work independently.


Common ailments treated with Structural Therapy:
tmj, headaches, whiplash
bursitis, tendonitis, rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet
tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow
ulnar neuropathy, carpal tunnel, trigger finger
Back Pain
Hip Pain
Sciatic Pain
Piriformis Syndrome
IT Band and Patellofemoral pain syndromes
heel spurs, plantar fascists, hammer toe, foot drop, tarsal tunnel syndrome
Overuse/Repetitive Strain Injuries
Nerve Compression

The list goes on....

Structural Therapy treatments provide practical solutions for real biomechanical problems.

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